2025 Feature and Short Film Submissions Now Open

A woman hires a private detective to investigate rumors of elder neglect in her mother’s nursing home. The detective, in turn, enlists Sergio, a kindhearted recent widower, to infiltrate the facility and gather evidence. He learns how to operate spy cameras and moves into the home, where he quickly discovers he is one of only three men in this community … and by far the most appealing bachelor. Director Maite Alberdi (Tea Time, T/F 2015) is there as well—she has convinced the nursing home to let her follow the new resident as he acclimates to his surroundings—as Sergio forges friendships, navigates the emotions of his suitors, and attempts to gain the trust of the client’s mother. This documentary spy thriller blossoms into a warmhearted consideration of how we treat one another. – True/False