‘Stranger in Paradise’ is a controversial role play in three acts about a controversial topic: the refugee crisis. The scene is a classroom in Sicily, the students are real refugees hoping to get asylum. In the role of a teacher is an actor who alternates between right-wing conservative, humanist and genuine ‘realpolitik’ approaches to whether the new students in the class can expect to find a new home in our part of the world or not. However, the tight, theatrical setting can not control the unpredictable social experiment. Guido Hendrikx’s debut feature consistently but lucidly acts out his three scenarios as three variations of a political dilemma, which is in the process of splitting Europe apart. But also as three variations of how Europe quite specifically handles the many asylum-seeking migrants and refugees. A thoroughly (thought)provoking film that is guaranteed to cause much debate, and a new perspective on one of our times’ greatest crises. (CPH:DOX)