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A Floridian garden of earthly delights and its discontents, Some Kind of Heaven follows retirees newly arrived at the fountain of youth. At The Villages, a married couple, a widow, and a bachelor find Eden and a second bite at the apple. An area handyman looks for work while a woman toys with love after loss and joining the parrotheads, and each of the deadly sins is out on full display. From synchronized swimming to pickleball, the good life is waiting, as well as a discounted funeral package now at a new, lower price. In a transcendent debut film that puts a twist on the “long-term” relationship, Oppenheim digs below the perfect facade to explore each person’s oscillation between integrity and despair, reinvention and recklessness, freedom and familiar safety. A film that reminds us that we all leave this Earth the way we came. – True/False