2025 Feature and Short Film Submissions Now Open

Filmed over the course of ten years, Quest is a thoughtful and nuanced observation of the Rainey family—led by father Christopher (“Quest”) and mother Christine (“Ma”). From the start, first-time filmmaker Jonathan Olshefski captures tender images of this family’s love: Ma braids her husband’s and daughter PJ’s hair, joking and laughing; Quest brings PJ to school on the front of his bike each day; and both parents work tirelessly to ensure financial and emotional support for each other. Planted in the middle of a North Philadelphia block, the Rainey house is a sublimely run neighborhood hub. Quest’s creation of a weekly drop-in basement radio show draws a constant flux of characters while illustrating the strong sense of community within this neighborhood. As Quest and Ma raise their children, Olshefski weaves pivotal life experiences with grander issues of poverty, politics, and gun violence. QUEST is an ode to the unwavering love and resilience of a specific family, and a universal reminder that family can give us the strength to keep on going. (Full Frame)