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Abou and his friends stand on a sparse Moroccan hillside looking out at the tiny Spanish enclave of Melilla. All that stands between them and their El Dorado are three towering fences. German filmmakers Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner entrusted Abou with a camera to film life in the makeshift camp the men call home. Forget the headlines, the statistics, and the politics of global migration: Through Abou’s lens, the desperation of tens of thousands of refugees to reach Europe becomes tangible. From the inside, Abou casually captures the danger and the camaraderie, the boredom and the hope, the quasi-normality and the extraordinary singularity of life in this limbo land. Along the way, against all odds, Those Who Jumpscales great heights to become one of 2016’s most engrossing pieces of nonfiction. (True/False)