2025 Feature and Short Film Submissions Now Open

In a modern world where we are constantly (in)voluntarily surrounded by sound, silence is the ultimate experience of sound itself. That silence is also the ultimate avant-garde innovator was proven by the composer John Cage with his now classic, almost four-and-a-half-minute long piece of music, which consisted of nothing else. But do we ever have a ‘pure’ experience of silence? And does silence have an existential dimension? Join us on a trip across the world to discover the quiet and enigmatic nature of silence, from the American wilderness to Japanese zen monasteries. And back to the modern metropolises, where most people who will end up watching a film such as Patrick Shen’s evocative and paradoxically musical film conceivably live. And here, silence is in short supply to a degree that is approaching the unhealthy – with the fear of the noisy vacuum as the other monopoly of modern existence. In Pursuit of Silence is a cinematic listening experience, which will make both audiophiles and everyone else prick up their ears. (CPH:DOX)