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Origins of Hip Hop


Directed by

Slane Hatch
Yemisi Brookes

Produced by

Amira Lewally
Mark Grande
Peter Bittenbender
Phoenix Skye Maulella
Slane Hatch

Distributed by



In each one-hour episode, Origins of Hip Hop delves into the inspiring origin story of one of hip hop’s iconic stars, including hip hop veteran Busta Rhymes, rapper and actress Eve, one of the genre’s first Latino superstars Fat Joe, pioneer DJ Grandmaster Flash, cultural icon Ice-T and more. In intimate interviews, each artist reflects on the moments that shaped them, the obstacles they have overcome and the lessons learned along the way. The series further brings these stories to life with rare archival footage, interviews with the artists’ friends and families and the music they created that has helped define the genre.

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