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Dear Mr. Brody


Directed by

Keith Maitland

Produced by

Melissa Robyn Glassman

Distributed by

Greenwich Entertainment


When 21-year-old hippie-millionaire Michael Brody Jr. decided to give away his $25-million fortune to anyone in need, he ignited a psychedelic spiral of events. Instant celebrities, Brody and his wife Renee were mobbed by the public, scrutinized by the press and overwhelmed by the crush of personal letters responding to his extraordinary offer. Fifty years later, an enormous cache of these letters are discovered—unopened. In this riveting follow-up to 2016’s TOWER, award-winning director Keith Maitland reveals the incredible story of Michael Brody Jr.—and the countless struggling Americans who sought his help—to create a deeply moving meditation on desire, need, philanthropy and love.

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