Outstanding Achievement in


In nonfiction filmmaking, the editor is the sculptor, the script writer and often the savior. They take hours and hours of raw footage and craft a narrative that gives life and resonance to the director’s vision. Here we acknowledge the editor’s prime role in the creative construction of documentary film. Previous winners in this category include Doug Abel, Jenny Golden and Andy Grieve for Manda Bala (Send a Bullet) (2008), Jinx Godfrey for Man on Wire (2009), Janus Billeskov-Jansen and Thomas Papapetros for Burma VJ (2010), Chris King and Tom Fulford for Exit Through the Gift Shop (2011), Gregers Sall and Chris King for Senna (2012), T. Woody Richman and Tyler H. Walk for How to Survive a Plague (2012), Nels Bangerter for Let the Fire Burn (2013), Mathilde Bonnefoy for Citizenfour (2015) and Chris King for Amy (2016).


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