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Generation Hustle

Directed by Yon Motskin and Martha Shane Produced by Angie Day, Yon Motskin, Stacey Offman, Richard Perello, Isaac Bolden, Brad Hebert, Amy Entellis, Lyle Gamm, Molly Harrington, Diana Golts, Clare Sloane Vance, Martha Shane, George Plamondon, Jeremiah Crowell

Distributor/Streamer HBO Max

Generation Hustle How far would you go for power, fame and fortune? Generation Hustle features outrageous and high-stakes new stories about brilliant and brazen young individuals, some of whom go too far by pulling off the most wildly inventive scams of our time. Showcasing ripped-from-the-headlines stories of unabashed ambition, this shocking and sometimes comic docuseries explores the no-holds-barred quest for riches and status in the age of social media.