Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Short Filmmaking

Short films often represent nonfiction filmmaking at its most pure: a single subject or idea explored at just the right length. This award recognizes those films that find the balance of running time and artistry. The previous winners of this award were Vance Malone’s The Poodle Trainer (2011), Tim Hetherington’s Diary (2012), Robert-Jan Lacombe’s Good Bye Mandima (Kwa Heri Mandima) (2013), Sergio Oksman’s A Story for the Modlins (2014), Lucy Walker for The Lion’s Mouth Opens (2015) and Scott Cummings for Buffalo Juggalos and Elizabeth Lo for Hotel 22 (2016, tie).

My Aleppo

Nominated for
The young Abdullah family fled the Syrian civil war and settled in Pretoria, South Africa. There, in their one-room apartment, the Internet is all that connects them with Aleppo. As long as the Wi-Fi is working back in Syria, they...


Nominated for
Faced with harrowing situations on a daily basis, doctors and nurses at Oakland’s Highland Hospital work closely with patients and their families to make the most difficult choices. (San Francisco)...

Bacon and God’s Wrath

Nominated for
This creative, multi-media doc is an exploration of belief, faith and custom in the modern world, through the eyes of an elderly Jewish woman as she embraces technology and tries bacon for the first time. (Palm Springs)...

Peace in the Valley

Nominated for
Peace in the Valley follows the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas on the eve of a groundbreaking vote for LGBT rights. As the polls close citizens grapple with faith, sexuality, and commerce in their personal and community lives. Meanwhile, the...

La Laguna

Nominated for
Deep in the rainforests of southern Mexico, a pair of Mayan boys run free among the relics of their ancient civilization. In their village school, however, 12-year-old Yu’uk and 8-year-old José find themselves lost in a world they can’t fully...

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