Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score

Whether reflecting the depth and emotion of a film’s content and subjects, propelling a narrative forward or serving as a character in its own right, musical scores play an essential role in the impact of a nonfiction film. This award celebrates those diverse musicians who successfully married music to film. Previous winners in this category include Max Richter for Waltz with Bashir (2009), Danny Grody, Donal Mosher, Michael Palmieri and Kenric Taylor for October Country (2010), Norbert Möslang for The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy (2011), John Kusiak for Tabloid (2012), Dial.81 for Detropia (2013), Yasuaki Shimizu for Cutie and the Boxer (2014), Nick Cave and Warren Ellis for 20,000 Days on Earth (2015) and Laurie Anderson for Heart of a Dog (2016).

OJ: Made in America

Nominated for
The producers of ESPN’s 30 for 30, along with award-winning director Ezra Edelman, tell the story of one of the most polarizing people in American history, O.J. Simpson. They explore how Simpson’s rise and fall was centered around two of...

Contemporary Color

Nominated for
The choreographed and vibrant art form known as colour guard gained an enraptured fan in music icon David Byrne. The former Talking Heads frontman found the world of high school students synchronizing complex dance sequences with flag spins and rifle...

All These Sleepless Nights

Nominated for
After a breakup with his girlfriend, Kris sets off with his friend Michal in search of new experiences. Stylishly capturing the romantic yearning, drunken debating, aimless wandering and self-indulgent philosophizing of youth, Michal Marczak’s highly constructed documentary/fiction hybrid is a...

I Am Not Your Negro

Nominated for
Working from the text of James Baldwin’s unfinished final novel, director Raoul Peck (Moloch Tropical, Murder in Pacot) creates a stunning meditation on what it means to be Black in America. Built exclusively around Baldwin’s words, Peck’s I Am Not...

In Pursuit of Silence

Nominated for
In a modern world where we are constantly (in)voluntarily surrounded by sound, silence is the ultimate experience of sound itself. That silence is also the ultimate avant-garde innovator was proven by the composer John Cage with his now classic, almost...

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