Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Filmmaking for Television

Here we give due praise to films that are commissioned, shepherded and completed with the support and partnership of filmmakers and television networks. This award celebrates those films that excel at all levels of artistic craft and the directors, producers and network creatives that make them happen. Nominees for this award were determined by a jury of film writers and critics. The previous winners in this category include The Crash Reel / HBO Documentary Films (2014), The Price of Gold / ESPN Films (2015) and Private Violence / HBO Documentary Films (2016).

How to Dance in Ohio

Nominated for
Finding a date, getting dressed up, and going dancing can be difficult for any teenager. For many living with autism, the idea of going to a spring formal and navigating social cues they don’t understand is even more intimidating and...

My Beautiful Broken Brain

Nominated for
My Beautiful Broken Brain is a profoundly personal voyage into the complexity, fragility and wonder of the human brain, after Lotje Sodderland miraculously survives a hemorrhagic stroke and finds herself starting again in an alien world, bereft of language and...

Happy Valley

Nominated for
Happy Valley centers on the people of State College, Pennsylvania and its conflicted reactions to the Penn State football scandal in the months following Jerry Sandusky’s arrest for child molestation. With interviews with those directly involved and die-hard fans alike,...

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

Nominated for
Heroin: Cape Cod, USA is a cinema-verité look at the heroin epidemic currently sweeping America’s small towns and communities, focusing on eight young heroin addicts in idyllic Cape Cod, Mass. (HBO)...

Making a Murderer

Nominated for
Filmed over a 10-year period, Making a Murderer is an unprecedented real-life thriller about Steven Avery, a DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new...

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

Nominated for
Groundbreaking, taboo flaunting, uber talented and tirelessly ambitious, Robert Mapplethorpe remains hugely influential in the world of photography. Directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato deliver a rich portrait of the artist with the help of his family, ex-lovers and audio...

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